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Food Blogs Collective
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Tuesday, April 11th, 2006
6:27 am
Suggestion Box / Community Forum
1. Categories suggestion
2. Any modding question, comment in the first post at the mod's journal.

As categories have not yet been established...and I don't know how many foodblogs there are out there, for not, it's just join the community if you have a foodblog.

Later (much, depending on how many join), when there is a categories, please comment in that post...not only linking your journal, but include everything you want to say about it. Think of it as an ad in the newspaper, include a banner if you wish. I shall edit the post as comments happen, and list both the journals and linking to it and the comment description. Shall you want to "edit your comment", just make a new one, and I shall delete the old one and link to the new one. I think that's how it'll be done.

3. If it's not a modding question, but something you would like to say about this community, anything, say here, as posting is closed...at least until categories are established.

...4. As opposed to categories post, I might go with tags...of course, tags will have to be determined, later, I doubt there are enough food blogs for that to be a worry yet.

5. Just join for now.

ETA (evening): Note regarding Journal/Comm/Blog ListCollapse )

Thank you, supercarrotcake, for getting the word out and the recs! ...and welcome to all food bloggers who joined and the people who commented with food blogs! Food blogs with any sort of food is welcome here! Recipes is prefered, but all pictures journal for the decorative side of things, like cakes, is also welcomed.

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6:20 am
Journal/Comm/Blog List
Comment with your Journals/Communities/Blogs Recommendations here. (Comms and non-LJ blogs might be listed later in another post.)

Current List

B gypsy_kitchen (Long time baker, beginning cooker)
x, /V mmmbento (Cooking Cute - a bento blog...and is a bento reource)
VA supercarrotcake (vegan - supercarrot's recipe journal...and is a veg*n cooking resource)
I, E food411 (prodigalwriter's indulgent recipes journal)
VA couscouscaboose (Suthrncan Cook - vegan.)
B, VA webtar (Vegan Cooking, Baking and Assembling - sometimes creative)
H, C, B, /V noshous (healthy cooking/baking, mostly vegan/vegetarian)
VE simplevegrecipe (or see Simple Vegetarian Recipes
x, VA el_nix (Vegan cooking with an Italian-American lean, usually with pics.)
B, C, V veggiedelights (veg*n cooking/baking/product reviews)
B star_heart_food (omni, but open to a variety of cooking styles and food preferences/choices)
VA kreeli (usually original recipes)
B, VA faeryspacecake (cakes, bakes, recipes and experiments - vegan, no meat, dairy or honey)
VE yummyvegetarian
VA veggiedelights
B, deliciousone

Note, thanks, and welcome.

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See Comments for the latest recs.
6:19 am
Journal/Comm/Blog List

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Pacific Islands

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